Groot Capital Ship Emporium specializes in building Dreadnaughts and Dreadnaught fits. I only sell doctrine fit Dreadnaughts, and fit's are always priced at or below Jita Sell. I will update current stockpile and in-build status in my Slack Channel (#GCSE) at least once a week.

If you'd like to request a specific dread, I can potentially work it into the rotation; however the majority of my offerings will be sold "From-Stock" vice "built-to-order".

Last Update: 22 Feb 2024

Current Products

  • Faction & T1 Dreadnaughts
  • Full Doctrine Fits (Both T1 and T2) Priced @ or under Jita Sell
  • Dread Cache's (Up to 30 w/ Fit per order)
  • Delivery: K7D-II

(for doctrine fits you MUST be in the capital group)

Build Focus

  • Revelation Navy Issues
Name Position Contact
Groot Brustir CEO Slack: @I am Groot
Slack Channel: #GCSE
  1. Send a Slack DM to @I am Groot
  2. If ordering from Stockpile include what you're looking to buy
  3. If ordering a dread cache (10 or more) please include:
    1. Hull
    2. Fit
    3. Delivery Location
    4. Expected Timeline

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