Over here at Biscuits Industrial, this is the refining information! We can refine anything that you throw at us, let it be ice, ore or even Trig stuff! We can do it! Refining is limited to 1 time per day. Eve time approx 1350 every day. While toons is in Omega stage. Check Accepted Locations for details on where.

Biscuits Industrial Official Website

Skills / Rates

Everything that can be reprocessed is maxed! Including the implant for refining too.

Gas Decompression:
  • 89% Q-52
  • 95% F-N


The cost of the refine plus 20% of the isk value. For example, if it costs 1 million isk to refine the ore, you will be charged 1.2 million isk.

All cost is in ISK, never your mineral or ore given, that's what you mined and paid for, that's what you get back!

Accepted Locations

  • Any Brave United structure
  • Oishami - Cynfin's Island Hut -R
  • F-NMX6 - Enablement Station - RAMI (Brave Pos Boys) 90.6%
  • Q-5211 - Fullmetal Alchemyst -Rami (Brave Pos Boys) 87.2%
  • D2-HOS - Dream of Spring -R
  • C4C-Z4

If needed we can move the refined products to another location, just put the location you'd like them moved to in the description of the contract.

Name Position Contact
I Like Biscuits Leader Slack: @SkippTekk
McD Fusa Refiner Slack: @SkippTekk
  1. Bring the ore to the selected stations listed above
  2. Contract to McD Fusa at 0 isk
  3. Wait for contract back at refine cost + 20% service fee, all material will be returned.
  4. Profit?

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