I reprocess for you, you give me ISK

Skills / Rates

Lvl 5 skills for ore, moon, and ice with +4 implant

Lvl 5 scrapmetal reprocessing


Reprocessing tax in ISK

Accepted Locations

  • T5ZI-S
  • P-ZMZV

Name Position Contact
Triumvirate Rhade Being Slack: @triumviraterhade
  1. Contract reprocessable items to "Meav Mayson" for 0 ISK
  2. I accept, reprocess and contract back for the reprocessing tax ISK amount
  3. Have Fun
  4. I'm free, because I'm slow(er) It may take a day or two before I accept the contract.
  5. Time between me accepting contract, and contracting back should be me no more then 15 minutes…..

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