I provide BPCs, see for free ones here:

Andromeda Industries BPC List


T1 stuff is listed on the forums

  • Capital Components - 5m per 40 runs for batches - single copies are 6m
  • Advanced Capital Components
  • Components (T2)
  • Structure Components
  • Lif ME9 - 10m
  • Minokawa ME9
  • Nidhoggur ME9
  • Naglfar ME10 - 30m
  • All racial freighters ME9
  • Orca ME9 - 15m

Delivery Locations


Name Position Contact
Triumvirate Rhade Being Slack: @triumviraterhade
  1. Message me on Slack or Discord, stating exactly how many and what you want
  2. I contract it to you
  3. You accept (or deny)

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