Indybro started his prestige procurement service running to Brave hubs along with some coalition stagings, but is taking some time off. I'm going to try to fill his shoes while he's away. I am able to handle small and large orders even special requests such as varying locations or for bulk orders like fitting out your entire dreadbomb.

Off-route hauling and bulk hauling along with special/bulk orders are considered on a case by case basis.


Theoretically, none.

Standard Rate

Varies depending on the order, please see this site for a calculator.

Delivery Locations


  • P-ZMZV (use Impass rate)

Slack: @Tyrannee EveMail: Tyrannee

Slack Channel: #indymart

  1. Use EvePraisal to generate a Jita sell quote
  2. Visit IndyMart and fill out the form. Page not updated for Querious yet so use Impass rate for deliveries there.
  3. Send Tyrannee a message in-game or via slack with the quote from the IndyMart site
  4. Wait for goodies to arrive and accept contract

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