Stuffers Stuff operates along the path of Jita > Amarr > Mendori > GE > PZMA > GE > Mendori > Amarr > Jita and will haul at a discounted rate from other services. This service is NOT an on demand service it is only available when pinged in #stuffers-stuff on slack (public channel just join by searching for it in slack.) If you wish to request something for the next available shipment you can DM stuffers on slack and you will be added to the next trip. Off-route hauling and bulk hauling along with special/bulk orders are considered on a case by case basis.


Theoretically, none.

Standard Rate

75% of BLT rate + a small fee for the jita to mendori portion

Delivery Locations


Slack: @stuffers

Slack Channel: #stuffers-stuff

Please DM Stuffers with the following if you want something hauled/procured.
1. Location of the item now and where it needs to go
2. Is this a hauling order or am I also procuring the items for you
3. Evepraisal of the assets to be hauled/procured

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