Sedex Jaeger®. We move it!

Welcome to Sedex Jaeger®!
Our goal is transport goods quickly as possible and at a fair price. We have an operation based on DST-class which allows us to practice our price focused only on the volume of the order that we must take instead of the number of jumps needed to carry out the delivery. These are the main factors that make Sedex Jaeger®.


- 60.000m³
- 1.0B ISK Collateral

Standard Rate

- HS ↔ HS: 400,00 ISK/m³
- NS ↔ NS: 1.300,00 ISK/m³
- HS ↔ NS: 1.680,00 ISK/m³
- Use Our Website to get your quote.

Delivery/Pick-up Locations

- HighSec
- LowSec
- Legacy Space

Name Contact
Jaeger LeCoultre Slack: @jaegerlecoultre

Slack Channel: #sdx-public
In-game Channel: Sedex.Jaeger

  1. Contract type: Courier
  2. Availability: Private - Sedex Jaeger
  3. Volume: up to 60.000m³
  4. Collateral: up to 1.0B ISK
  5. Reward:Our Website (Courier Calculator)

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