Okko's Shop : Procurement Service

Wish you could order what you need in EVE like you do at home with Amazon ? You've come to the right place. Order anything from Jita through our service and get it delivered here at home in Pure Blind.

Please find our standard operating procedures below. Feel free to reach out directly on Slack for job with a higher volume, value or a specific destination.

Shout-out to Indybro for originally creating this service and for his help and support.

Okko in Space Procurement Service


Up to 320km3. Contact me for other requests.


  • Q-5211 - Shia Surprise

Standard Rate

Input an evepraisal link into our calculator.

Name Position Contact
Okko Tolea Space entrepreneur Slack: @Okko Tolea

Slack Channel: #okko-shop

  1. Copy/paste an evepraisal of your desired items into
  2. Copy your quote and then send it to me on Slack: @Okko Tolea via private message.
  3. I will contract your order to you at the desired location and set price as soon as available (usually 36 hours)

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