Kel Drosto, Logistics Boss

Kel's A.S.S. services K7D-II/P-ZMZV, and Jita. Jita services include procurement at an additional percentage to the cost. (Anywhere in blue space upon request, additional charges may apply.


No containers or assembled ships. Volume limit 330,000m3 except for split volume contracts (max 60,000m3/ea).

Standard Rate

800 ISK/m3 plus 1% of contract collateral for standard shipping.

1.75x standard rate for expedited shipping, which generally arrives within 24 hours. * DM for availability first. *

Delivery Locations


Name Position Contact
Kel Drosto Logistics Boss Slack: @Kel Drosto
  1. Step 1: DM me with either: a) the value of your stuff and its volume in m3, or b) the stuff you want me to procure for you.
  2. Step 2: Receive pricing and instructions via Slack DM.
  3. Step 3: Get your stuff shipped to your destination (or Jita if you're sending it on the backhaul).

Alternatively, You can use this booking form:

Special contracts and jobs beyond the scope of usual operations are available upon request. DM me on Slack and we'll work something out.

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