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Welcome to Jolian's Haulage.
Although new to the haulage industry within EVE we are serious about earning for ourselves an exemplary record as providing a reliable and reasonably priced service. Our aim is to be ready to haul when our clients need us and to deliver on time first time. We look forward to hearing from you :)


- 1,011,900 m³
- 500 Million ISK Collateral

Standard Rate

- Hi-Sec to Hi-Sec
- 1 Million ISK/Jump


Hi-Sec Routes Only

Slack: @Corbyn Anderson

Slack Channel: #Jolians-Haulage
In-game Channel: Jolian's Haulage

  1. Contract Type: Courier
  2. Availability: Private - Corbyn Anderson
  3. Volume: Up to 1,011,900 m³
  4. Collateral: Up to 500 Million ISK

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