Crystal Logistics

Crystal Logistics - Jump Freighter Service

Pricing/Route Information
  • Servicing Null ↔ HS Hubs (Jita/Amarr)
  • Price is X per m3 depending on route + 1% collateral
  • Min Contract Reward
    • Jita: 60mil ISK
    • Amarr: 30mil ISK
  • Use Contract Reward Calculator for exact pricing.
  • Set contract to courier and private. Assign contracts to “Crystal Logistics Enterprise”
  • Max Contract Size: 350k m3
  • Absolutely NO wrapped contracts, assembled ships or containers. This will result in a hefty fine of 300mil ISK
Delivery Timeframes
  • The goal is 24 hour delivery BUT that depends on if I have enough contracts to cover costs. A full JF will make for quick turn-around.
Alerts for Contracts
  • To be alerted when your contract is received, accepted, delivered or incorrect sign-up on my Discord
Contact Information
  • Discord (preferred, quickest)
  • Slack: November Red
  • In-game: Crystal Logistics

NOTE: E-mail can be any e-mail (fake or real) when signing up initially.

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