The Brave Indy Kickstarter

Industry is the heartblood of Brave. Everything you see around you, someone built. Oftentimes they explode, and need replacing. The Brave Industry team is responsible for building our ships, their modules, the ammo they fire and the citadels in which they dock. We also build the ansiblex gates we use to get to other systems, and the jammers to stop people jumping into ours when we don't want this to happen.

How do you start getting into industry, and how do you get into T2 and higher tier industry?

The kickstarter programme is for Bravelings who wanted to dabble in T2 industry, to see whether this part of our great game is something in which they want to invest their time.

This programme has some basic rules you have to follow:

  • Please send a Slack DM to Rael Armansky with your choice of T2 BPC.
  • Turnaround time varies by team availability.
  • Contracts MUST be accepted within 3 days of being raised, since the contracting alts are mostly alphas. Expired contracts will be deleted.
  • Limited to one handout per actual person. No subsequent requests by alts please.
  • The programme operates only from "F-NMX6 - Ariadne's Inspiration Factory" (the Sotiyo).
  • If we run out of BPCs, which we source either from the library, from donations, or from copying our own BPOs, we won't be able to supply you. But we'll let you know.

When you request your BPC from list below, we will provide a set of BPCs that will allow you to create the item you would like to build. You will need to provide the materials, PI products, T1 modules and morphite needed to build. The main BPC will tell you what's needed, such as this for a Falcon. We would provide the following BPCs:

  • Gravimetric Sensor Cluster BPC
  • Graviton Reactor Unit BPC
  • Magpulse Thruster BPC
  • Quantum Microprocessor BPC
  • Scalar Capacitor Unit BPC
  • Sustained Shield Emitter BPC
  • Titanium Diborite Armor Plate BPC

(Thanks for Dunk for this picture, embedded in his post on How Tech 2 things get built. This post is well worth a read for new indy folk.)

T2 ship hulls T2 modules
Bifrost Blueprint 150mm Railgun II Blueprint
Broadsword Blueprint 250mm Railgun II Blueprint
Buzzard Blueprint 720mm Howitzer Artillery II Blueprint
Cerberus Blueprint Ballistic Control System II Blueprint
Claw Blueprint Damage Control II Blueprint
Crow Blueprint Guidance Disruptor II Blueprint
Deacon Blueprint Gyrostabilizer II Blueprint
Eagle Blueprint Heavy Missile Launcher II Blueprint
Eris Blueprint Large Shield Extender II Blueprint
Flycatcher Blueprint Light Ion Blaster II Blueprint
Harpy Blueprint Light Missile Launcher II Blueprint
Hawk Blueprint Medium Shield Extender II Blueprint
Heretic Blueprint Micro Auxiliary Power Core II Blueprint
Hound Blueprint Power Diagnostic System II Blueprint
Huginn Blueprint Stasis Webifier II Blueprint
Ishkur Blueprint Tracking Disruptor II Blueprint
Ishtar Blueprint Tracking Enhancer II Blueprint
Jaguar Blueprint Warp Scrambler II Blueprint
Kirin Blueprint
Lachesis Blueprint
Malediction Blueprint
Manticore Blueprint
Muninn Blueprint
Nemesis Blueprint
Prospect Blueprint
Purifier Blueprint
Raptor Blueprint
Retribution Blueprint
Sabre Blueprint
Scimitar Blueprint
Sentinel Blueprint
Stiletto Blueprint
Wolf Blueprint

If you would like to make donations of T2 frigate/inty/covops hulls, please submit contracts to BNI Industries corporation. Larger hulls are, of course, very welcomed. If you'd like to supply faction component BPCs, any would be appreciated, as well as the miscellaneous BPCs for modules.

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