New Eden Logistic Service is providing hauling services between Jita and Torrinos!
We make daily runs between Jita trade hub and Torrinos V - Moon 16 - Home Guard.
We also provide a shopping service if you'd like for us to take care of acquiring the items as well. Read the instructions for more info!


The Max Collateral is 4 billion isk

Standard Rate

6 mil isk for packages up to 50.000m³
12 mil isk for packages up to 80.000m³
15 mil isk for packages up to 100.000m³
20 mil isk for packages up to 150.000m³
25 mil isk for packages up to 200.000m³
30 mil isk for packages up to 300.000m³
35 mil isk for packages up to 400.000m³
40 mil isk for packages up to 520.000m³

Loads above 520.000m³ need to be applied for.

Collateral Fee - 0.5% of the total collateral is due as part of the reward

Delivery Locations

Torrinos V - Moon 16
Jita Trade Hub
Other Highsec systems (ask for a quote)

Name Position Contact
Sarah Slevin Service Provider Slack: @Sarah Slevin

Slack Channel: #new-eden-logistics-service

  1. Setup Contract to Rikku Sin
  2. days to expiration 14
  3. days to completion 3

Want to use Jita shopping Service?

Write a Eve Mail to Sarah Slevin with your Order.
I will buy the stuff for you in Jita, haul it to Torrinos and you will get a contract in Torrinos with your stuff.
You will be charged the standard freight rates you can find under standard rate on this page.
Furthermore there is a shopping fee of 0.25% of the total value of the goods I bought for you in Jita.
No payment in advance needed! But the contract has to be accepted within 24hrs. Past that 24hrs, an interest rate of 5% per day will be charged!
This is to prevent that my isk get stuck in your contract!

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