Brewmaster Armada is providing you with a cheap and fast JF service from Torrinos to many locations such as C4C-Z4, F-NXM6, Q-5211, and TFA0-U.

Brewmaster Armada JF Service


-max load 318.000m³
-collats above the actual item worth
-cargo cans

Standard Rate

- 175isk/m³ to C4C-Z4
- 120isk/m³ to F-NMX6
- 90isk/m³ to TFA0-U
- 150isk/m³ to Q-5211
- Collat Fee 1% of the max collateral for collaterals above 750M

Delivery Locations


Name Position Contact
Sarah Slevin JF Service Coordination Slack: @Sarah Slevin

Slack Channel: #brewmaster-armada-jf-service

Just setup a courier contract to Brewmaster Armada with the goods you want to transport. Please be aware max load is 318.000m³.
Setup the contract expiration to 14 days
Days to completion should always be 3 days.
Contracts not meeting this terms will be rejected.

Further Information:
To offer you this service for the prices we have we need to fill the JF.
So please be aware that it might need a few days to process your contract.
Easy way to speed up the contract? Full freighter loads ;-)

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