Biscuits Hauling provides speedy, daily, hauling between systems and in-system.

Asset safety systems may be included in the future, prices will vary.


No containers or assembled ships.

Cyno jammed systems are not allowed.

Volume limit 350,000 m3 per contract.

Standard Rate

800 ISK/m3 for same and cross region shipping.

50 ISK/m3 for same system shipping.

Delivery Locations

Structures in Fade, Pure Blind, Deklein, and Torrinos.

Other locations serviced by private arrangement. Feel free to ask about additional locations in #biscuits-industrial!

Name Position Contact
SkippTekk Operator Slack: @SkippTekk
  1. For standard shipping, please visit the freight calculator.
  2. Input the details of your shipping order in into the calculator and then follow the instructions on the page went setting up your courier contract :)

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