Equipment buyback program geared to titan, supercap and capital ship requirements.

* 102% Jita Buy payouts *

Accepting the following items:

  • Ship equipment/rigs
  • XL ammo/crystals
  • Drones/fighters
  • Implants/boosters
  • Cap boosters
  • Nanite repair paste

Also buying officer mods - please contact buyback operator for quotes on specific items.


XL Buyback - titan/super/cap equipment buyback

Qualifying Items

See listing above

Standard Rate

102% Jita Buy

Qualifying Locations

GE-8JV Mothership Bellicose

T5ZI-S The Tower of Legends

Name Position Contact
Josh Abitibi Buyback Operator Slack: @Josh Abitibi

Slack Channel: #xl-buyback

  1. Step 1: Create an link of your items, location set to Jita;
  2. Step 2: Contract your items to 'Josh Abitibi' with quote ID;
  3. Step 3: Spend your payout wisely!

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