The Buyback

Buyback ran by Brave members for Brave members. Base rate is 95%+ and we look forward to your business! The Buyback Website

Qualifying Items

Nearly All Items

Standard Rate

95% Jita Buy
#the-buyback in slack with questions

Qualifying Locations

-GE-8JV and PZMA-E
-68FT and IRE
-Brave Impass Pocket
(EK-NQ2 Constellation)
-3-YX2D in Feyth

Name Position Contact
Stuffers Buyback Operator Slack: @Stuffers
Avend Avalhar Buyback Operator Slack: @Avend
Algorthan Gaterau Buyback Operator Slack: @algorthan

Slack Channel: #the-buyback

  1. Visit and copy and paste your items from in game to the website.
  2. In order to copy and paste WITHOUT a 500 error you MUST copy from the default list or details view. The copy and paste from item view will not work as it only has two columns.
  3. Click Get Estimate and then Accept the offer on the next page which will take you to detailed instructions.
  4. ALL contracts are to be made to "The Buyback" corporation with an orange brave logo.
  5. Ensure you put the Order Id in the description field.

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