Spoopy Buyback

A Buyback Service for Spoopy Members and Alliance Daytrippers.

Spoopy Buyback

Qualifying Items


Standard Rate

85% Amarr Buy Price can Vary

Qualifying Locations

  1. Amarr
  2. Jita
  3. Dodixie

Name Position Contact
Ed Curver Buyback CEO Slack: @Ed
Algazel Buyback Operator Slack: @rockhoof
Helix Zen Buyback Operator Slack: @Helix_zen
Sprouticus Buyback Operator Slack: @Sprouticus

Slack Channel: #spooperations

Buyback now accepts EVERYTHING. And there is a significantly simplified appraisal method. (Please compress Ores.)

  1. Go to, get an appraisal for the Amarr trade hub, copy the link in the bar (like this:
  2. Go to and paste in the evepraisal link. You'll get a quote instantly for everything. You'll see that the rates for things like p0 PI will be way less than p4.
  3. Make a contract to this corporation, "Spoopy Buyback", for the amount in the appraisal.
  4. Wait until the sweet isk flows!


  • Sell us your Blue Loot for 85%, this is how we pay for Fuel, SRP and Loaners. (Please do! Seriously!)
  • Don't include Red Loot in your Evepraisal! Buyback takes it for 85,000.00 ISK per Unit. (Or use Universe)
  • Please Contract Ore, Minerals, Moon Goo and Polymers from the Nutcracker!

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