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Splintered Dreams buys almost all production materials and rat loot. In case of market manipulation we reserve the right to reject your contracts, so you can relist your contract later at a fair price.

The buyback is open at the listed structures.

Qualifying Items

  • Compressed Ore
  • Compressed Ice
  • Salvage
  • Rat Loot
  • P1-P4
  • Jspace Gas
  • Kspace Gas

Standard Rate

90% Jita Buy Value

Qualifying Locations

  • Q-5211 - Broadcast4Reps
  • GA-P6C - Splintered Homestead
Name Position Contact
Myst Ernaga Director Slack: @myst
M'ea Fallenstar Director Slack: @m'ea fallenstar
  1. Copy and paste the items into either eveprasial or alliance appraisal tool
  2. Create contract :
  • Assigned to Splintered Dreams
  • Price to 90% Jita Buy Value
  • Description to the appraisal link
  • Expiration of at least one week

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