Kings-Guard buys almost all production materials. In case of market manipulation we reserve the right to reject your contracts, so you can relist your contract later at a fair price.

The buyback is open at the listed structures.

Kings-Guard Buyback

Qualifying Items

  • Ores
  • Minerals
  • Ice
  • P2-4
  • Salvage
  • Named Materials
  • Abyssal Loot
  • Fedos

Qualifying Locations

  • K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose

Standard Rate

General 90% JB
P1 50% JB
Fixed Prices
Tier Buyback Price
19th OPE 47,000,000
20th OPE 55,000,000
21st OPE 72,000,000
22nd OPE 91,000,000
23rd OPE 120,000,000
Trig Survey Database 91,000
Blue (Sleeper) Loot 85% NPC

Name Position Contact
max kupzu Buyback Manager Slack: @max kupzu
  1. Copy and paste the items you want to sell into the buyback page
  2. Request the estimated price
  3. If you accept the price click the Accept Offer button
  4. Set up your contract as shown on the following page

If you encounter any problems, you are welcomed to get in touch with us.

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