Jolly's Pirate Buyback

Overseer Jolly's Pirate Buyback is your fast and safe source to turn your ratting loot into cash. Anomalies, combat sites, incursions, DED. If it drops from a rat, sell it here.

Qualifying Items

  • 19th-23rd Tier Overseer's Personal Effects
  • Angel and Sansha ship BPC
  • Meta, faction, deadspace modules and ammo

Standard Rate

Overseer effects:

Tier Buyback Price
19th 46,000,000 isk
20th 55,000,000 isk
21st 73,000,000 isk
22nd 94,000,000 isk
23rd 125,000,000 isk
  • Ship BPCs at 97% lowest public contract value.
  • CONCORD LP at 1100 isk/lp.
  • Modules and ammo at 100% Jita Buy.

Qualifying Locations

  • All Brave owned structures
  • Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
  • Active Coalition Staging Keepstar
Name Position Contact
Jolly Eginald Buyback Operator Slack: @Jolly

Modules, ammo, OPEs and dog tags can be linked in a single evepraisal at for a quote. Full rate available in GE-8JV - Mothership Bellicose, PZMA-E Fortress Impass, Coalition Staging, and Amarr. Please reduce price by 3% for any other Brave owned structure, or 6% for structures owned by Legacy Allies. For faction ship BPC and CONCORD LP sales, contact @Overseer Jolly on slack. Send contracts to Jolly Eginald.

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