Nothing Industries Empire Buyback

Base Rate

90% Jita Buy

Qualifying Items

Nearly All Items

Please contact us for Moon Ore quotes

Accepted Locations

  • Nikh V - Moon 2 - Trust Partners Trading Post
  • Nikh - Max's Couch -Rmai
  • Keberz - Any Brave Station

Nothing Industries Empire Buyback Site

Name Position Contact
Al Heamer Buyback Operator Slack: @alheamer
Berend Antollare Buyback Operator Slack: @berendantollare

Slack Channel: #brave-empire-buyback

  1. Please copy/paste your list of items into
  2. Check the value of your items and note the quote number on the left
  3. Create a new contract to Nothing Industries (ticker [NULI])
  4. Set the quote value as 'I will receive' in your contract
  5. Enter the quote number into the comment section of your contract

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