Brave Buy Back

Brave Buy Back retains the right to reject contracts if Jita Buy value is out of whack due to market shenanigans or, you know, reasons

Brave Freight is currently suspended

Brave Buyback <---- CLICK

Qualifying Items

Compressed Ice of any kind

Planetary Production Materials of any kind

Overseer Personal Effects

Standard Rate

Compressed Ice : 90% Jita Buy

Planetary Production
P4: %95 Jita Buy
P3: %93 Jita Buy
P2: %85 Jita Buy
P1: %50 Jita Buy
P0: %5 Jita Buy

Overseer effects:

Tier Buyback Price
19th 46,000,000 isk
20th 55,000,000 isk
21st 72,000,000 isk
22nd 90,000,000 isk
23rd 120,000,000 isk

Qualifying Locations

All Brave Structures in Querious

Name Position Contact
Bramble Dax Buyback Operator Slack: @Bramble Dax
Sheldon LeeCooper Currently busy with IRL things Slack: @Sheldon LeeCooper

Slack Channel: #Brave-Buyback on Slack

  1. Go to your inventory, copy and paste the items into the "Selling" collumn
  2. Create a contract to Brave BuyBack with the buy value listed in Brave BuyBack in the "I will receive" box and key in the reference that was provided to you by the system in the description
  3. Get isk

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