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Brave POS Boys

BRAVE Pos Boys buys Helium Fuel Blocks at 100% Jita sell. Between our POS and citadels, we use many hundreds of thousands of fuel blocks a month to keep the lights on. Making fuel blocks is a nice passive way to make some nice money. You need basic industry skills and PI and ice materials, all of which are available locally. We'd much prefer to buy our fuel locally than have to haul it in, so give us a hand and pump out the fuel!

Brave POS Boys Buyback Forum Post

Qualifying Items

Helium Fuel Blocks

Standard Rate

100% Jita Sell

Qualifying Locations


Name Position Contact
n0rman Buyback Operator Slack: @n0rman

Just put up a contract to Brave Pos Boys in GE-8JV for the Jita sell price.

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