Planetary Materials Buyback Service

I retain the right to reject contracts if Jita Buy value is out of whack due to market shenanigans or, you know, "reasons"

Qualifying Items

P4 Advanced Planetary Interaction Materials
P3 Specialized Planetary Interaction Materials
P2 Refined Planetary Interaction Materials
P1 Processed Planetary Interaction Materials

Standard Rate

%94 Jita Buy for P4
%94 Jita Buy for P3
%84 Jita Buy for P2
%74 Jita Buy for P1

Rates & Qualifying Locations

P4 - %94 Jita Buy
P3 - %94 Jita Buy,
P2 - %84 Jita Buy
P1 - %74 Jita Buy

Any Brave Structure in F-NMX2, Q-5211
Any Brave Structure within one jump of the above named systems

D2-HOS - Krab Zone

Name Position Contact
Bramble Dax Buyback Operator Slack: @Bramble Dax

Slack Channel: DM Bramble Dax on Slack

  1. Go to your inventory, copy and paste the PI into
  2. Please do not mix various tiers of PI in the same contract
  3. Go to settings and change the price percentage to number appropriate for the tier of PI
  4. Create a contract to Dax Industrial Enterprises with the buy value listed in Evepraisal in the "I will receive" box and the Evepraisal reference in the description
  5. Get Isk

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