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Alvatis Innovations

We buy nearly all items! Base payout is 95% Jita Buy.

Alvatis Innovations Buyback Site

Qualifying Items

Nearly All Items

Standard Rate

95% Jita Buy

Qualifying Locations

All Brave Structures in Brave Collective space in Catch, Impass and Feythabolis.

Y5-E1U - Enormous SB00B (Brave Collective Fortizar)

DY-P7Q - B0RTSTAR (Keepstar)

L-5JCJ - Immensea Supreme Court (Evictus Keepstar)

LN-56V - Seddow is Primary (Warped Intentions Forizar)

Name Position Contact
LSky NLX Buyback Operator Slack: @lskynlx
Lesch Buyback Operator Slack: @Lesch
Lil'D Buyback Operator Slack: @bucktooth

Slack Channel: #alvatis-innovations

  1. Please copy/paste your list of items into
  2. Check the value of your items and note the quote number at the top
  3. Set the given value as 'I will receive' in your contract
  4. Enter the quote number into the comment section of your contract (directed to Alvatis Innovations)

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