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 ===== Important ===== ===== Important =====
 <fc #​ff0000><​fs x-large>​This program only operates from our home fortizar, [[http://​evemaps.dotlan.net/​system/​GE-8JV|GE-8JV - SOTA FACTORY]].</​fs></​fc>​ <fc #​ff0000><​fs x-large>​This program only operates from our home fortizar, [[http://​evemaps.dotlan.net/​system/​GE-8JV|GE-8JV - SOTA FACTORY]].</​fs></​fc>​
 +<fc #​ff0000><​fs large> A note about pricing in a post skillbook changes New Eden: </​fs></​fc>​\\ 
 +The Brave Dojo will continue to provide the books of the Sensei Library to Brave members for a price considerably cheaper than the character sheet.\\ Prices will remain as listed until current stock of a given book runs out. It is at that time that prices will be updated to reflect the increased NPC price of the skillbook.\\ This may cause some delays or rejections as we work to re-balance inventory. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to helping you keep training on the cheap! ​
 \\ \\
 ===== Rules ===== ===== Rules =====
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 ===== Available skillbooks ===== ===== Available skillbooks =====
 \\  \\ 
-You can request ​all skillbooks listed here, but please ​understand that we will contact you if you request any books form the advanced list to confirm you have the requirements trained.+You can request ​any of the skillbooks listed here, but please ​be sure to include ​the required ISK in your contract. 
 \\  \\ 
 \\  \\ 
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 |Advanced Spaceship Commmand| 55 million isk| |Advanced Spaceship Commmand| 55 million isk|
 |Amarr Battleship |Now Part of the Free Skillbook Program!| |Amarr Battleship |Now Part of the Free Skillbook Program!|
-|Amarr Dreadnought| ​140m ISK|+|Amarr Dreadnought| ​190m ISK|
 |Amarr Strategic Cruiser|5 million isk| |Amarr Strategic Cruiser|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Battleship | Now part of Free skillbook program| |Caldari Battleship | Now part of Free skillbook program|
-|Caldari Carrier| ​550 million isk|+|Caldari Carrier| ​600 million isk|
 |Caldari Core Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Core Systems|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Defensive Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Defensive Systems|5 million isk|
Line 116: Line 119:
 |Industrial Command Ships| 55 million isk| |Industrial Command Ships| 55 million isk|
 |Infomorph Synchronizing| 5 million isk| |Infomorph Synchronizing| 5 million isk|
-|Interdictors| ​20 million isk|+|Interdictors| ​25 million isk|
 |Jump Drive Operation| 15 million isk| |Jump Drive Operation| 15 million isk|
 |Jump Drive Calibration| 35 million isk| |Jump Drive Calibration| 35 million isk|
Line 134: Line 137:
 |Minmatar Core Systems|5 million isk| |Minmatar Core Systems|5 million isk|
 |Minmatar Defensive Systems|5 million isk| |Minmatar Defensive Systems|5 million isk|
-|Minmatar Dreadnought| ​140 million isk|+|Minmatar Dreadnought| ​190 million isk|
 |Minmatar Offensive Systems|5 million isk| |Minmatar Offensive Systems|5 million isk|
 |Minmatar Propulsion Systems|5 million isk| |Minmatar Propulsion Systems|5 million isk|
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