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Line 84: Line 84:
 |Advanced Spaceship Commmand| 55 million isk| |Advanced Spaceship Commmand| 55 million isk|
 |Amarr Battleship |Now Part of the Free Skillbook Program!| |Amarr Battleship |Now Part of the Free Skillbook Program!|
 +|Amarr Dreadnought| 140m ISK|
 |Amarr Strategic Cruiser|5 million isk| |Amarr Strategic Cruiser|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Battleship | Now part of Free skillbook program| |Caldari Battleship | Now part of Free skillbook program|
 +|Caldari Carrier| 550 million isk|
 |Caldari Core Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Core Systems|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Defensive Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Defensive Systems|5 million isk|
Line 91: Line 93:
 |Caldari Propulsion Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Propulsion Systems|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Strategic Cruiser|5 million isk| |Caldari Strategic Cruiser|5 million isk|
 +|Capital Capacitor Emission Systems| 15 million isk|
 |Capital Energy Turret| 20 million isk| |Capital Energy Turret| 20 million isk|
 |Capital Projectile Turret| 20 million isk| |Capital Projectile Turret| 20 million isk|
 |Capital Repair Systems| 20 million isk| |Capital Repair Systems| 20 million isk|
 +|Capital Shield Emission Systems| 15 million isk|
 +|Capital Shield Operation| 30 million isk|
 +|Capital Ships| 450 million isk|
 |Common Moon Ore Processing ​ | 15 million isk| |Common Moon Ore Processing ​ | 15 million isk|
 |Command Destroyers | 25 million isk| |Command Destroyers | 25 million isk|
Line 119: Line 125:
 |Large Railgun Specialization | 10 million isk| |Large Railgun Specialization | 10 million isk|
 |Laser Physics| 10 million isk| |Laser Physics| 10 million isk|
-|Logisitics ​Cruisers| 30 million isk|+|Logistics ​Cruisers| 30 million isk|
 |Margin Trading| 25 million isk| |Margin Trading| 25 million isk|
 |Mass Reactions| 5 million isk| |Mass Reactions| 5 million isk|
Line 128: Line 134:
 |Minmatar Core Systems|5 million isk| |Minmatar Core Systems|5 million isk|
 |Minmatar Defensive Systems|5 million isk| |Minmatar Defensive Systems|5 million isk|
 +|Minmatar Dreadnought| 140 million isk|
 |Minmatar Offensive Systems|5 million isk| |Minmatar Offensive Systems|5 million isk|
 |Minmatar Propulsion Systems|5 million isk| |Minmatar Propulsion Systems|5 million isk|
Line 143: Line 150:
 |Scientific Networking | 10 million isk | |Scientific Networking | 10 million isk |
 |Supply Chain Management| 10 million isk| |Supply Chain Management| 10 million isk|
 +|Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration| 30 million isk|
 |Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration| 30 million isk| |Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration| 30 million isk|
 |Torpedo Specialization| 10 million isk| |Torpedo Specialization| 10 million isk|
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