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 <fc #​ff0000>​You have to open this template in the "show pagesource"​ view for it to make sense!</​fc>​ <fc #​ff0000>​You have to open this template in the "show pagesource"​ view for it to make sense!</​fc>​
-======User Page Template====== +====User Page Template====
-<fc #​ff0000>​---->​Change the "User Page Template"​ above to your character'​s name.<​----</​fc>​+
-^     Your Name   ​^^ ​       +<fc #ff0000>Feel free to change the text color as you see fit by changing the '​type'​ arguments. These are your options:</fc> 
-|**Alliance & Corp Position**\\ ​<fc #ff0000>Insert ​your Space Job(s)here</fc>\\ \\ **Contact Info**\\ **In-game:** <fc #ff0000>Your Name</fc>\\ **Jabber:** <fc #ff0000>your_name</fc>@bravecollective.com\\ ​**Skype:** <fc #ff0000>Your Skype</fc>\\ **Reddit:** [[http://​www.reddit.com/​user/​your_reddit_name]]\\ ​ **TZ:** <fc #​ff0000>​YourTZ</fc\\   | {{https://​image.eveonline.com/​Character/​->​replace_this_with_your_character_ID<​-_512.jpg?​220}} ​ |+  ​<text type="​muted"> ​**muted** </​text>​ 
 +  * <text type="​primary"> ​**primary** </text> 
 +  * <text type="​success"​> **success** </text> 
 +  * <text type="​info"​> **info** </text> 
 +  * <text type="​warning"​> **warning** </text> 
 +  ​* ​<text type="​danger"> ​**danger** </text>
-<fc #ff0000>For the image: to get your characterID,​ go to zkillboard.com,​ go to your KB, copy the number from the url and paste it in the URL for the image. (you have to keep "​_512"​ in the url) Do not include this line in your user page.\\ ​+<fc #ff0000>---->​Copy Everything Below This Line<​----</​fc>​
-Look at this in the edit-view: If you want to add linebreaks, use this syntax:\\ including the space!\\ ​+<​grid>​
-To get this on your user page, click the "Show Pagesource" ​button in the top right corner ("Edit" ​if you have edit rights in this namespace) and highlight everything in the text field, the copy it and paste it in your user page. after that, fill in the blanks and remove the instructions.\\ +<col md="​6"><​well>​ 
 +{{ https://​imageserver.eveonline.com/​Character/​your-character-id-here_256.jpg}} 
 +<TEXT align="center"
 +=== [Corp Ticker] Your Name Here === 
 +<text type="warning" ​size="​115%">​__**Alliance & Corp Positions**__</​text
 +  * Position 1 
 +  * Position 2 
 +  * Etc.
-__If you don't want to include all the information (like reddit, skype...) that's fine, just delete the line, if you want to include a different way of contacting you, that's fine as well, just add it.__\\ +<text type="​warning"​ size="​115%">​__**Contact Info**__</​text>​
-Please don't forget to change the headline (the User Page Template part)If you don't do that, the wiki-team will hunt you down and force you to do it (after an IRL 1v1 at the sun)</fc>+<text type="​warning">​**In-game:​**</​text>​ Your Name Here 
 +<text type="​warning">​**Reddit:​**</​text>​ http://www.reddit.com/​user/​your-username-here 
 +<text type="​warning">​**Discord:​**</​text>​ Your Discord ID Here 
 +<text type="​warning">​**Slack:​**</​text>​ Your Slack Username Here 
 +<text type="​warning">​**Time-Zone:​**</​text>​ Your Timezone Here 
 +<col md="​6">​ 
 +<TEXT align="​center">​ 
 +<fc #​ff0000>​Feel free to customize this half of the screen to your liking, or even leave it blank if you see fit.</fc
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