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Line 81: Line 81:
 |Advanced Industrial Ship Construction|5 million isk| |Advanced Industrial Ship Construction|5 million isk|
 |Advanced Infomorph Psychology|50 million isk| |Advanced Infomorph Psychology|50 million isk|
 +|Advanced Laboratory Operation| 25 million isk|
 |Advanced Mass Production|20 million isk| |Advanced Mass Production|20 million isk|
 |Advanced Mass Reactions| 30 million isk| |Advanced Mass Reactions| 30 million isk|
Line 88: Line 89:
 |Amarr Dreadnought| 190 million isk| |Amarr Dreadnought| 190 million isk|
 |Amarr Strategic Cruiser|5 million isk| |Amarr Strategic Cruiser|5 million isk|
-|<del>Caldari Carrier</​del>​|*Out of Stock* ​600 million isk|+|Caldari Carrier|600 million isk|
 |Caldari Core Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Core Systems|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Defensive Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Defensive Systems|5 million isk|
Line 96: Line 97:
 |Capital Capacitor Emission Systems| 15 million isk| |Capital Capacitor Emission Systems| 15 million isk|
 |Capital Energy Turret| 20 million isk| |Capital Energy Turret| 20 million isk|
-|<del>Capital Industrial Ships</​del>​|*Out of Stock* ​1.1 billion isk|+|Capital Industrial Ships| 1.1 billion isk|
 |Capital Projectile Turret| 20 million isk| |Capital Projectile Turret| 20 million isk|
 |Capital Repair Systems| 20 million isk| |Capital Repair Systems| 20 million isk|
Line 114: Line 115:
 |Heavy Assault Cruisers | 35 million isk| |Heavy Assault Cruisers | 35 million isk|
 |Heavy Interdiction Cruisers| 35 million isk| |Heavy Interdiction Cruisers| 35 million isk|
 +|High Energy Physics| 20 million isk|
 |Hydromagnetic Physics | 15 million isk| |Hydromagnetic Physics | 15 million isk|
 |Industrial Command Ships| 55 million isk| |Industrial Command Ships| 55 million isk|
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