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   - Go to our staging Keepstar, [[|GE-8JV - Mothership Bellicose]]   - Go to our staging Keepstar, [[|GE-8JV - Mothership Bellicose]]
   - Click the //neocom// in the top left corner (three horizontal lines)   - Click the //neocom// in the top left corner (three horizontal lines)
-  - Select //Business//, then //Contracts//+  - Select //Finance//, then //Contracts//
   - On the //Start Page//, click //Create Contract//   - On the //Start Page//, click //Create Contract//
   - Select //Item Exchange//   - Select //Item Exchange//
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 ^**Paid Skillbooks**^ **Skillbook Cost**^ ^**Paid Skillbooks**^ **Skillbook Cost**^
 |Accounting|5 million isk| |Accounting|5 million isk|
-|Advanced Industrial Ship Construction|million isk| +|Advanced Broker Relations|25 million isk| 
-|Advanced Infomorph Psychology|50 million isk| +|Advanced Industrial Ship Construction|million isk| 
-|Advanced Mass Production|20 million isk| +|Advanced Infomorph Psychology|40 million isk| 
-|Advanced Mass Reactions30 million isk| +|Advanced Laboratory Operation25 million isk| 
-|Advanced Medium Ship Constructionmillion isk| +|Advanced Mass Production|25 million isk| 
-|Advanced Small Ship Construction|million isk| +|Advanced Mass Reactions35 million isk| 
-|Advanced Spaceship Commmand| 55 million isk| +|Advanced Medium Ship Construction| million isk| 
-|Amarr Battleship |Now Part of the Free Skillbook Program!+|Advanced Spaceship Commmand| 60 million isk| 
-|Amarr Dreadnought190m ISK+|Amarr Dreadnought160 million isk
-|Amarr Strategic Cruiser|million isk+|Amarr Starship Engineering16 million isk
-|Caldari Battleship | Now part of Free skillbook program+|Amarr Strategic Cruiser|million isk| 
-|Caldari Carrier| 600 million isk|+|Caldari Carrier|600 million isk|
 |Caldari Core Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Core Systems|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Defensive Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Defensive Systems|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Offensive Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Offensive Systems|5 million isk|
 |Caldari Propulsion Systems|5 million isk| |Caldari Propulsion Systems|5 million isk|
-|Caldari Strategic Cruiser|million isk| +|Caldari Starship Engineering| 16 million isk| 
-|Capital Capacitor Emission Systems| 15 million isk| +|Caldari Strategic Cruiser|million isk| 
-|Capital Energy Turret| 20 million isk|+|Capital Capacitor Emission Systems| 11 million isk| 
 +|Capital Energy Turret| 16 million isk|
 |Capital Industrial Ships| 1.1 billion isk| |Capital Industrial Ships| 1.1 billion isk|
-|Capital Projectile Turret| 20 million isk| +|Capital Projectile Turret| 16 million isk| 
-|Capital Repair Systems| 20 million isk| +|Capital Repair Systems| 25 million isk| 
-|Capital Shield Emission Systems| 15 million isk|+|Capital Shield Emission Systems| 16 million isk|
 |Capital Shield Operation| 30 million isk| |Capital Shield Operation| 30 million isk|
 |Capital Ships| 500 million isk| |Capital Ships| 500 million isk|
-|Common Moon Ore Processing 15 million isk|+|Common Moon Ore Processing 16 million isk|
 |Command Destroyers | 25 million isk| |Command Destroyers | 25 million isk|
-|Cruise Missile Specialization | 10 million isk| +|Cruise Missile Specialization | 11 million isk| 
-|Daytrading| 15 million isk| +|Daytrading| 16 million isk| 
-|Drug Manufacturing | 35 million isk|+|Drug Manufacturing | 30 million isk| 
 +|Electromagnetic Physics| 16 million isk| 
 +|Electronic Engineering| 16 million isk|
 |Exceptional Moon Ore Processing | 35 million isk| |Exceptional Moon Ore Processing | 35 million isk|
 |Exhumers | 35 million isk| |Exhumers | 35 million isk|
 |Expedition Frigates | 5 million isk| |Expedition Frigates | 5 million isk|
-|Gallente Battleship |Now Part of the Free Skillbook Program!+|Gallente Starship Engineering16 million isk
-|Gas Cloud Harvesting |30 million isk| +|Gas Cloud Harvesting |35 million isk| 
-|Graviton Physics| 10 million isk|+|Graviton Physics| 16 million isk|
 |Heavy Assault Cruisers | 35 million isk| |Heavy Assault Cruisers | 35 million isk|
-|Heavy Interdiction Cruisers| 35 million isk| +|Heavy Interdiction Cruisers| 40 million isk| 
-|Hydromagnetic Physics | 15 million isk| +|High Energy Physics| 16 million isk| 
-|Industrial Command Ships| 55 million isk|+|Hydromagnetic Physics | 16 million isk| 
 +|Industrial Command Ships| 60 million isk|
 |Industrial Reconfiguration| 35 million isk| |Industrial Reconfiguration| 35 million isk|
 |Infomorph Synchronizing| 5 million isk| |Infomorph Synchronizing| 5 million isk|
-|Interdictors| 25 million isk|+|Interdictors| 30 million isk|
 |Invulnerability Core Operation| 275 million isk| |Invulnerability Core Operation| 275 million isk|
-|Jump Drive Operation| 15 million isk| 
 |Jump Drive Calibration| 35 million isk| |Jump Drive Calibration| 35 million isk|
 +|Jump Drive Operation | 11 million isk|
 |Jump Fuel Conservation | 25 million isk| |Jump Fuel Conservation | 25 million isk|
-|Large Artillery Specialization | 10 million isk| +|Large Artillery Specialization | 11 million isk| 
-|Large Autocannon Specialization| 10 million isk| +|Large Autocannon Specialization| 11 million isk| 
-|Large Blaster Specialization| 10 million isk| +|Large Blaster Specialization| 11 million isk| 
-|Large Railgun Specialization | 10 million isk| +|Large Precursor Weapon| 2 million isk| 
-|Laser Physics| 10 million isk|+|Large Railgun Specialization | 11 million isk| 
 +|Laser Physics| 16 million isk|
 |Logistics Cruisers| 30 million isk| |Logistics Cruisers| 30 million isk|
-|Margin Trading| 25 million isk| 
 |Mass Reactions| 5 million isk| |Mass Reactions| 5 million isk|
 +|Mechanical Engineering| 16 million isk|
 |Medium Beam Laser Specialization| 5 million isk| |Medium Beam Laser Specialization| 5 million isk|
 |Medium Blaster Specialization| 5 million isk| |Medium Blaster Specialization| 5 million isk|
-|Medium Precursor Weaponsmillion isk|+|Medium Precursor Weaponmillion isk|
 |Micro Jump Drive Operation| 5 million isk| |Micro Jump Drive Operation| 5 million isk|
-|Mining Drone Specialization | 10 million isk| +|Mining Drone Specialization | 11 million isk| 
-|Minmatar Core Systems|5 million isk| +|Minmatar Carrier|600 million isk| 
-|Minmatar Defensive Systems|5 million isk| +|Minmatar Core Systems| 5 million isk| 
-|Minmatar Dreadnought| 190 million isk| +|Minmatar Defensive Systems| 5 million isk| 
-|Minmatar Offensive Systems|5 million isk| +|Minmatar Dreadnought| 160 million isk| 
-|Minmatar Propulsion Systems|5 million isk| +|Minmatar Offensive Systems| 5 million isk| 
-|Minmatar Starship Engineering| 10 million isk| +|Minmatar Propulsion Systems| 5 million isk| 
-|Minmatar Strategic Cruiser|million isk |+|Minmatar Starship Engineering| 16 million isk| 
 +|Minmatar Strategic Cruiser| 2 million isk | 
 +|Molecular Engineering| 16 million isk| 
 +|Nanite Engineering| 16 million isk|
 |Nanite Interfacing|5 million isk | |Nanite Interfacing|5 million isk |
 |Neurotoxin Control|140 million isk | |Neurotoxin Control|140 million isk |
-|Neurotoxin Recovery|50 million isk | +|Neurotoxin Recovery|60 million isk | 
-|Nuclear Physics| 10 million isk | +|Nuclear Physics| 16 million isk | 
-|Plasma Physics| 10 million isk| +|Plasma Physics| 16 million isk| 
-|Precursor Cruiser| million isk| +|Precursor Battlecruiser| 2 million isk| 
-|Precursor Destroyer| 10 million isk| +|Precursor Battleship| 2 million isk| 
-|Precursor Frigate| million isk| +|Precursor Cruiser| million isk| 
-|Quantum Physics| 10 million isk|+|Precursor Destroyer| million isk| 
 +|Precursor Frigate| million isk| 
 +|Quantum Physics| 16 million isk|
 |Rare Moon Ore Processing | 30 million isk| |Rare Moon Ore Processing | 30 million isk|
-|Recon Ships| 35 million isk| +|Recon Ships| 40 million isk| 
-|Remote Reactions|15 million isk | +|Remote Reactions|16 million isk | 
-|Scientific Networking | 10 million isk | +|Rocket Science| 16 million isk| 
-|Small Precursor Weapon| million isk| +|Scientific Networking | 11 million isk | 
-|Supply Chain Management| 10 million isk|+|Small Precursor Weapon| million isk| 
 +|Supply Chain Management| million isk|
 |Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration| 30 million isk| |Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration| 30 million isk|
 |Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration| 30 million isk| |Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration| 30 million isk|
-|Torpedo Specialization| 10 million isk| +|Torpedo Specialization| 11 million isk| 
-|Transport Ships| 35 million isk| +|Transport Ships| 40 million isk| 
-|Ubiquitous Moon Ore Processing |10 million isk |+|Ubiquitous Moon Ore Processing |11 million isk |
 |Uncommon Moon Ore Processing| 25 million isk | |Uncommon Moon Ore Processing| 25 million isk |
-|Visibility| 10 million isk| +|Visibility| million isk| 
-|Wholesale| 35 million isk|+|Wholesale| 40 million isk|
 |Wing Command | 5 million isk | |Wing Command | 5 million isk |
 </col> </col>
 </grid> </grid>
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