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While you are waiting for your application to be processed, please take some time to go through the information below to find out what you should do next and learn about the dangers that you will face after you accept your invitation to join one of the corporations in our alliance.

Prepare Your Personal Assets

What you need to do first is to prepare your personal assets so that you can sell them for the highest amount of ISK or pay a third-party freight service to ship them. Please read the tutorial that Brave Logistics have put together to help you decide.

Learn About War Declarations

War declarations are a game mechanic that let corporations and/or alliances fight each other in high or low security space without intervention from CONCORD or security status loss. After you join one of the corporations in our alliance, members of those corporations or alliances who have declared war on us will be able to attack you freely in high or low security space.

High Security Space (1.0 - 0.5)

War targets in high security space can almost always be found camping the major trade hubs such as Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens and Hek. Although you can use instadock and instaundock bookmarks to use the major trade hubs, you are still at risk of losing your ship. If you want to use the major trade hubs after joining us, we highly recommend that you create a neutral alt for this purpose.

Besides war targets, if you are flying an industrial ship in high security space you also need to be aware of suicide gankers. These are players who will attack you even though they know that they will lose their ships to CONCORD. Their goal is to destroy your ship and hope that any valuable items that you have in your cargo hold drop so that they can loot them using an alt. The best way to deter suicide gankers is to be sensible about the value of the items in your cargo hold.

Low Security Space (0.4 - 0.1)

CONCORD will not intervene when players fight each other in low security space. However, gate or station guns will attack you if you attack a player who is not a legal target within their 150 km range. You will also lose your security status whenever you attack an illegal target.

In addition to war targets and suicide gankers, when you are travelling through low security space you also have to be aware of gate camps, especially those with instalockers or smartbombers. Rancer and Tama are low security space systems that are notorious for being camped by pirates.

Null Security Space (0.0)

There is no CONCORD in null security space, which means that you do not get attacked by gate or station guns, or lose your security status when you attack another player. When you are in null security space, assume that all neutrals are hostile. You also have to be aware of bubbles that can be anchored or launched by certain ships because they will prevent you from warping if you are in them.

Additionally, when you are travelling through null security space, you will not be able to dock in any station owned by a player corporation or alliance unless your corporation or alliance has the appropriate standings or that station is in Freeport Mode.

While you're waiting to be accepted to the alliance, please read this Basic Null Survival Guide to get more familiar with some of the unique mechanics of lawless null security space.

If you're reading this it's safe to assume you've just joined the Brave Collective, welcome aboard! We look forward to flying with you. Please read through the following and complete each step to get ready for life in Brave.

The Brave Dojo

The Brave Dojo is an alliance-level initiative managed by Brave Education whose mission is to help players who are new to EVE Online. Please join the in-game chat channel Brave Dojo if you have any questions about the game. After you have set up our IT services, you will also be able to find us in our voice chat channel (Brave Collective » BRAVE Dojo » Dojo Main) on our Mumble server.

Learn How to Set up Our IT Services

It is absolutely critical that you set up our IT services after you have joined us. If you do not set them up, some of the things that will happen are: We will not be able to help you easily, you will not know about our active alliance campaigns, and you will not be able to participate in fleets that are going out.

Get to Know Your Corporation

The next step after setting up our IT services is getting to know what the corporation that you have joined is doing. Since each corporation does things differently, some good ways to find out what you need to know are to read the welcome mail that you received when you joined, to check the MOTD of the in-game Corp chat channel, or to simply ask other corporation members using either your corporation's voice chat channel or the in-game Corp chat channel.

Read the Latest Alliance Announcements

After you know what your corporation is doing, it is time for you to read the latest alliance announcements so that you know what our alliance is up to. We really hope that you were paying attention earlier and set up our IT services, because you are going to need access to our alliance forums to be able to browse the announcements forum.

Take Care of Your Personal Assets

Once you are a member of the Brave Collective, you need to learn how to take care of your personal assets, especially if the corporation that you have joined is staging from a station in sovereign null security space or from a system in wormhole space.

Train to Use Our Alliance Fleet Doctrines

To be able to participate in alliance fleets with the support of our alliance ship replacement program, you need to start training to use our alliance fleet doctrines as soon as possible.

Learn About Our Buyback Programs

You can sell items that you have acquired to our buyback programs to save yourself the trouble of having to export them to a trade hub and selling them yourself. Although your profits are typically ten percent less, using a buyback program is still an excellent option for new players who often require quick ISK. </WRAP>

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