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Exploration Loot Table

If you have done exploration in multiple regions, you have probably noticed by now that the loot is different for each pirate faction's relic sites. But you probably don't know specifically what loot each faction's relic sites drop. From the combined efforts of Brave explorers and wormhole divers, we have documented the possible salvage from each faction.

The circuits and neural networks are universal to all relic sites. You will find them in all faction's relic sites. The other loot, however, is distributed between the different pirate factions.


T1 "Orange" T2 "Blue"
Charred Micro CircuitMicro Circuit
Burned Logic CircuitLogic Circuit
Tripped Power CircuitPower Circuit
Fried Interface CircuitInterface Circuit
Damaged Artificial Neural NetworkArtificial Neural Network


T1 "Orange" T2 "Blue"
Armor PlatesIntact Armor Plates
Contaminated Nanite CompoundNanite Compound
Defective Current PumpCurrent Pump


T1 "Orange" T2 "Blue"
Smashed Trigger Unit Trigger Unit
Thruster Console Impetus Console
Alloyed Tritanium Bar Single-crystal Superalloy I-beam


T1 "Orange" T2 "Blue"
Contaminated Lorentz Fluid Lorentz Fluid
Broken Drone Transceiver Drone Transceiver
Conductive Polymer Conductive Thermoplastic
Malfunctioning Shield Emitter

*Serpentis is unique. It drops the Malfunctioning Shield Emitter without the T2 analogue.


T1 "Orange" T2 "Blue"
Malfunctioning Shield Emitter Intact Shield Emitter
Ward Console Enhanced Ward Console
Scorched Telemetry Processor Telemetry Processor


T1 "Orange" T2 "Blue"
Melted Capacitor Console Capacitor Console
Tangled Power Conduit Power Conduit

*Blood is unique in that it only has these two loot item types, unlike the others that have three.

The quality of the loot you find in a relic site depends on the type of hackable containers present, as they will drop different types of loot from the above loot tables.


These are the easiest to hack (green system core), and correspondingly have the least valuable loot. In these you'll find 0-6 stacks of varied T1 or T2 loot. T1 loot will come in stacks of 1-20. T2 loot will come in stacks of 1-3.


Medium difficulty hack (yellow system core) with medium reward. You'll find 0-8 stacks of varied T1 or T2 loot. T1 loot will come in stacks of 1-40. T2 loot will come in stacks of 1-5.


Hard (red system core) but most rewarding. You'll find only T2 loot, 0-6 stacks, 1-15 per stack.

In Addition

Ruined X Monument

Level 1 Scan Difficulty, has 1 x Ruins, 3 x Remains, 2 x Rubble - Total 6 cans

Ruined X Temple

Level 2 Scan Difficulty, has 2 x Ruins, 3 x Remains, 1 x Rubble - Total 6 cans

Ruined X Science Outpost

Level 3 Scan Difficulty, has 2 x Ruins, 4 x Remains - Total 6 cans

Ruined X Crystal Quarry

Level 4 Scan Difficulty, has 3 x Ruins, 4 x Remains - Total 7 cans

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