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 </​col><​col md="​4">​ </​col><​col md="​4">​
 <​thumbnail>​ <​thumbnail>​
-{{  https://​i.redd.it/​mxnbtnoducw31.png?​nolink&​425  }}+{{  https://​i.redd.it/​mxnbtnoducw31.png?​nolink&​400  }}
 <​caption><​TEXT align="​center">​ <​caption><​TEXT align="​center">​
 <fs large>​Rule #​1</​fs>​ <fs large>​Rule #​1</​fs>​
 +Created by Ruxe Nemico
 </​TEXT></​caption>​ </​TEXT></​caption>​
 </​thumbnail>​ </​thumbnail>​
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