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 ======Exploration Guide====== ======Exploration Guide======
 +<col md="​3">​
 +{{INLINETOC 2-2}}
 +</​col><​col md="​5">​
 +</​col><​col md="​4">​
 +{{  https://​i.redd.it/​mxnbtnoducw31.png?​nolink&​400 ​ }}
 +<​caption><​TEXT align="​center">​
 +<fs large>​Rule #​1</​fs>​
-{{INLINETOC:​width18 2-2}}+Created by Ruxe Nemico 
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   * Astrometric Rangefinding (+5%/lvl scan probe strength)   * Astrometric Rangefinding (+5%/lvl scan probe strength)
   * Astrometric Aquisition (+5/lvl scan prob duration)   * Astrometric Aquisition (+5/lvl scan prob duration)
-  * Astrometrice ​(+5%/lvl scan strength, -5%/lvl scan probe time, -5%/lvl scan deviation)+  * Astrometrics ​(+5%/lvl scan strength, -5%/lvl scan probe time, -5%/lvl scan deviation)
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