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 |Jana Halley, [[user:​jinx_De'​caire|Jinx De'​Caire]]| Director, Brave Education | |Jana Halley, [[user:​jinx_De'​caire|Jinx De'​Caire]]| Director, Brave Education |
 |Katalya Myst| Fittings, Wiki | |Katalya Myst| Fittings, Wiki |
-|Jana HalleyJinx De'​Caire| Skillbooks, Implants, Welcome Packages |+|Max Dawntreader| Brave Empire Director| 
 +|Max DawntreaderOkko Tolea| Skillbooks, Implants, Welcome Packages |
 |Adrian Atruin| Planetary Interaction handouts | |Adrian Atruin| Planetary Interaction handouts |
 |Theodin Lynx| Logistics | |Theodin Lynx| Logistics |
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