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 |Max Dawntreader|USTZ|Slack| |Max Dawntreader|USTZ|Slack|
 |Jinx De'​Caire|USTZ|Slack (In game mail outside USTZ)| |Jinx De'​Caire|USTZ|Slack (In game mail outside USTZ)|
 +|Eric Audeleson|USTZ|Slack|
 </​col>​ </​col>​
 </​grid>​ </​grid>​
-   + 
 +Remember all handouts are done by real people at the other end of a keyboard. We do our best, but if no one is immediately available please be patient! ​  
 =====What Ships Are Handed Out===== =====What Ships Are Handed Out=====
 The ships on offer broadly fall into the following categories: The ships on offer broadly fall into the following categories:
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