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Line 81: Line 81:
 |Advanced Drone Avionics| |Advanced Drone Avionics|
 |Advanced Industry| |Advanced Industry|
 +|Advanced Small Ship Construction|
 |Advanced Target Management| |Advanced Target Management|
 |Advanced Weapon Upgrades| |Advanced Weapon Upgrades|
Line 107: Line 108:
 |Broker Relations| |Broker Relations|
 |Caldari Battlecruiser| |Caldari Battlecruiser|
-|Caldari Battleship| 
 |Caldari Cruiser| |Caldari Cruiser|
 |Caldari Destroyer| |Caldari Destroyer|
Line 153: Line 153:
 |Fuel Conservation| |Fuel Conservation|
 |Gallente Battlecruiser| |Gallente Battlecruiser|
-|<​del>​Gallente Battleship</​del>​ *Out of Stock*| 
 |Gallente Cruiser| |Gallente Cruiser|
 |Gallente Destroyer| |Gallente Destroyer|
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