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-<alert type="​warning">​ +<alert type="​warning"><​TEXT align="​center">​ 
-TODO: Need new fits +**TODO: Need new fits** 
 ====== The Brave Dojo - Free Interceptors Program ====== ====== The Brave Dojo - Free Interceptors Program ======
-<WRAP group+<grid> 
-<WRAP half column>+ 
 +<col md="​10"​>
 {{INLINETOC:​width18 2-2}} {{INLINETOC:​width18 2-2}}
-<WRAP half column>+ 
 +<col md="​2"​>
 {{http://​i.imgur.com/​fPpvsHp.jpg?​300}} {{http://​i.imgur.com/​fPpvsHp.jpg?​300}}
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
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