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-====== Alliance Buyback Programs ====== 
-This page details all buyback programs and other services (ore supply, blueprints, etc.) currently operated within the Brave Collective alliance. 
-If you operate a program and would like to have it listed here, please contact a member of the Brave Dojo. 
-===== What Are Buyback Programs? ===== 
-Buyback programs are services that "buy back" any excess/​unwanted stuff you have acquired during your day-to-day EVE activities. They are run by individuals or corporations,​ not the Brave alliance itself. 
-These people or corporations will buy certain items that you acquire through mining, PI, exploration,​ ratting, and other activities, saving you the hassle of selling stuff yourself or exporting it to high-sec. Buyback programs are generally based on "Jita buy" prices - i.e. the current price that players are buying that item for in Jita. 
-While some programs will ask you to contract items to them for a set price using a tool like evepraisal.com,​ others may operate by asking you to contract your items to them for 0 ISK; they will then pay you back at a later time. NOTE: Do your research! Not everyone can be trusted in EVE - before contracting anything to anyone for 0 ISK, check that they are an approved buyback service, or ask around in Alliance or Dojo chat. 
-===== Buyback Services ===== 
-^ Program ^ Buyback Details ^ Locations ^ Notes ^ 
-/*|HEG INC "​Explorer'​s Choice"​ Salvage and Exploration Loot Buyback\\ <fc #​ff0000>​**Probably AFK**</​fc>​ | <​TEXT>​**Base payout for all T1 salvage, T2 salvage, and exploration loot is 96% Jita Buy. Payouts for all T1 salvage, T2 salvage, and exploration loot for //explorers who have recorded at least three anomalies in Deepsafe or Pathfinder today// is 97% Jita Buy!** \\ \\ Please contract to **Ariana Heg** or **Gravan Heg** \\ \\ Copy/paste your list of salvage and exploration loot into [[http://​evepraisal.com/​]] and multiply the "​Buy"​ result by 0.96. For the bonus rate, copy/paste your items into [[http://​evepraisal.com/​]] and multiply the "​Buy"​ result by 0.97. \\ \\ Set the given value for all basic rate items as 'I will receive'​ in your contract. \\ \\ **Specify in all contract descriptions whether it is at the standard rate or the Deepsafe/​Pathfinder rate. Please specify which collaborative program you used.** </​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-Brave Collective \\ 
-stations & citadels \\ 
-</​TEXT>​|<​TEXT>​This buyback is provided by HEG INC., to serve explorers and newbro salvagers alike. **Daily responses! We are now taking ALL types of salvage and exploration loot!** \\  
-\\ **All BRAVE explorers should be using a collaborative exploration tool, such as Deepsafe ([[https://​afowl.si/​deepsafe/​]]) or Pathfinder, ([[https://​pathfinder.bravecollective.com/​]])** \\ \\ For information on what constitutes T1 and T2 salvage, consult http://​games.chruker.dk/​eve_online/​salvaging.php. For questions, either about the nature about the buyback or if you are interested in purchasing salvage, please contact **Gravan Heg** or **Ariana Heg** or join the HEG INC channel ingame or on Slack. \\ \\ Full details of the buyback can be found on the **HEG INC website** here: [[https://​heginceve.wixsite.com/​heginc]]</​TEXT>​|*/​ 
-| Dermon'​s Corpse Collection | Any Corpse 100,000 ISK in GE-8JV SOTA Factory \\ Contract to Dermon | GE-8JV SOTA FACTORY only | ¯\_(ツ)_/​¯ | 
-|Blueprint Procurement Corporation| <​TEXT>​**Do you have faction BPCs that you would love to exchange for isk? Do those BPCs currently reside in GE-8JV or PZMA? I have the perfect service for you! [[https://​bpcbuyback.com/​]] The Blueprint Procurement Corporation is now accepting a wide variety of faction BPCs in both GE-8JV and PZMA.** \\ \\ Just follow these quick and easy steps: \\ \\ Step1. Use the link [[https://​bpcbuyback.com/​]] provided to receive your quote.\\ \\ Step 2. Create a contract to ''​Blueprint Procurement Corporation''​ at the quoted price, copy and paste the quote number into the contract description line. \\ \\ Step 3. Profit. </​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-GE-8JV SOTA Factory and PZMA Keepstar</​TEXT>​|<​TEXT>​Any questions can be directed to the ''#​bpc-buyback''​ slack channel. \\ \\ As we settle into the market, we plan on expanding our scope to include more BPCs, especially certain ones obtained via exploration. Check back for more.</​TEXT>​| 
-| Brave POS Boys |<​TEXT>​ All  Fuel Blocks @ **100% Jita Sell**. ​ </​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ GE-8JV 
-</​TEXT>​| Contact n0rman with questions [[https://​forums.bravecollective.com/​viewtopic.php?​f=8&​hilit=fuel%20block&​p=37636&​t=3967&​sid=b4863d43137bed5f0bdc5e855f24ccec| Fuel block forum post]] | 
-|The Buyback | <​TEXT>​Base payout is **90% Jita Buy.** 95% Jita Buy for compressed ore.  \\  Please copy/paste your list of items into https://​thebuyback.space/​ \\ Check the value of your items and note the result number at the top  \\ Set the given value as 'I will receive'​ in your contract \\ Enter the result number into the comment section of your contract ​ 
-</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-Brave Collective stations & citadels \\ 
-in Catch and Impass \\ 
-</​TEXT>​| Join the **The Buyback** in-game channel for more info, or contact \\  Avend Avalhar, Algorthan Gaterau. **Slack: #​the-buyback** | 
-| J's Salvage and Exploration Loot Buyback | <​TEXT>​**100% Jita Buy** on all salvage and exploration loot in GE-8JV or PZMA-E </​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ GE-8JV \\ PZMA-E </​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​Send contracts to J Allas-Rui with an http://​evepraisal.com/​ link for the Jita Buy price. Questions? DM me or yell at me in #​indybros-public on Slack. </​TEXT>​ | 
-|Alvatis Innovations | <​TEXT>​We buy nearly all items! Base payout is **95% Jita Buy.** ​ \\  Please copy/paste your list of items into https://​alvatis.info/​bb/​ \\ Check the value of your items and note the quote number at the top  \\ Set the given value as 'I will receive'​ in your contract \\ Enter the quote number into the comment section of your contract ​ 
-</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-Brave Collective structures in Brave space \\ 
-</​TEXT>​| Join the **Alvatis Innovations** in-game channel for more info, or contact \\  LSky NLX, Lesch on **Slack: #​alvatis-innovations** | 
-| Pyromaniacs Anonymous | 100% jita buy compressed ore.  Add [[https://​evepraisal.com | evepraisal]] link to contract comments | All Brave Structures | Contact Patrick Gisre in game or slack with questions | 
-This list is rotated every month with https://​www.random.org/​lists/​. Last rotation was 18.01.2019 by Ignacius Kh'​orlan 
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