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-====== Alliance Buyback Programs ====== 
-This page details all buyback programs and other services (ore supply, blueprints, etc.) currently operated within the Brave Collective alliance. 
-If you operate a program and would like to have it listed here, please contact a member of the Brave Dojo. 
-===== What Are Buyback Programs? ===== 
-Buyback programs are services that "buy back" any excess/​unwanted stuff you have acquired during your day-to-day EVE activities. They are run by individuals or corporations,​ not the Brave alliance itself. 
-These people or corporations will buy certain items that you acquire through mining, PI, exploration,​ ratting, and other activities, saving you the hassle of selling stuff yourself or exporting it to high-sec. Buyback programs are generally based on "Jita buy" prices - i.e. the current price that players are buying that item for in Jita. 
-While some programs will ask you to contract items to them for a set price using a tool like evepraisal.com,​ others may operate by asking you to contract your items to them for 0 ISK; they will then pay you back at a later time. NOTE: Do your research! Not everyone can be trusted in EVE - before contracting anything to anyone for 0 ISK, check that they are an approved buyback service, or ask around in Alliance or Dojo chat. 
-===== Buyback Services ===== 
-^ Program ^ Buyback Details ^ Locations ^ Notes ^ 
-|HEG INC "​Explorer'​s Choice"​ Salvage and Exploration Loot Buyback\\ <fc #​ff0000>​**Probably AFK**</​fc>​ | <​TEXT>​**Base payout for all T1 salvage, T2 salvage, and exploration loot is 96% Jita Buy. Payouts for all T1 salvage, T2 salvage, and exploration loot for //explorers who have recorded at least three anomalies in Deepsafe or Pathfinder today// is 97% Jita Buy!** \\ \\ Please contract to **Ariana Heg** or **Gravan Heg** \\ \\ Copy/paste your list of salvage and exploration loot into [[http://​evepraisal.com/​]] and multiply the "​Buy"​ result by 0.96. For the bonus rate, copy/paste your items into [[http://​evepraisal.com/​]] and multiply the "​Buy"​ result by 0.97. \\ \\ Set the given value for all basic rate items as 'I will receive'​ in your contract. \\ \\ **Specify in all contract descriptions whether it is at the standard rate or the Deepsafe/​Pathfinder rate. Please specify which collaborative program you used.** </​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-Brave Collective \\ 
-stations & citadels \\ 
-</​TEXT>​|<​TEXT>​This buyback is provided by HEG INC., to serve explorers and newbro salvagers alike. **Daily responses! We are now taking ALL types of salvage and exploration loot!** \\  
-\\ **All BRAVE explorers should be using a collaborative exploration tool, such as Deepsafe ([[https://​afowl.si/​deepsafe/​]]) or Pathfinder, ([[https://​pathfinder.bravecollective.com/​]])** \\ \\ For information on what constitutes T1 and T2 salvage, consult http://​games.chruker.dk/​eve_online/​salvaging.php. For questions, either about the nature about the buyback or if you are interested in purchasing salvage, please contact **Gravan Heg** or **Ariana Heg** or join the HEG INC channel ingame or on Slack. \\ \\ Full details of the buyback can be found on the **HEG INC website** here: [[https://​heginceve.wixsite.com/​heginc]]</​TEXT>​| 
-| Pyromaniacs Anonymous | 100% jita buy compressed ore.  Add [[https://​evepraisel.com | evepraisel]] link to contract comments | All Brave Structures | Contact Patrick Gisre in game or slack with questions | 
-|Stuffer'​s Stuff | <​TEXT>​I am a solo buyback and I'll take almost anything **(Convo me for hulls)** ​ \\  Please copy/paste your list of items into https://​stuffnstuffers.com/​ \\ Once you hit accept follow directions **EXACTLY** on submission page 
-</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-Brave structures in Impass and GE-8JV 
-</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-Convo stuffers on slack, join **#​stuffers-stuff**,​ or evemail stuffers in game with questions </​TEXT>​ | 
-| Brave POS Boys |<​TEXT>​ All  Fuel Blocks @ **100% Jita Sell**. ​ </​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ GE-8JV 
-</​TEXT>​| Contact n0rman with questions [[https://​forums.bravecollective.com/​viewtopic.php?​f=8&​hilit=fuel%20block&​p=37636&​t=3967&​sid=b4863d43137bed5f0bdc5e855f24ccec| Fuel block forum post]] | 
-| BOLD Industries |<​TEXT>​ All  ore @ **100% Jita buy**. ​ Check with MSpamQ for better rates on Mexallon containing Ores.</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ All of BRAVE space / Impass 
-</​TEXT>​| **Support your local Industry:** Contact Munerich -Tito- Brozovich, MSpamQ OfTheEnts for current needs and contracting. | 
-|Alvatis Innovations | <​TEXT>​We buy nearly all items! Base payout is **95% Jita Buy.** ​ \\  Please copy/paste your list of items into https://​alvatis.info/​bb/​ \\ Check the value of your items and note the quote number at the top  \\ Set the given value as 'I will receive'​ in your contract \\ Enter the quote number into the comment section of your contract ​ 
-</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-Brave Collective structures in Brave space/​Catch/​Impass \\ 
-</​TEXT>​| Join the **Alvatis Innovations** in-game channel for more info, or contact \\  LSky NLX, Metric Candy on **Slack: #​alvatis-innovations** | 
-|The Buyback | <​TEXT>​Base payout is **90% Jita Buy.** 95% Jita Buy for compressed ore.  \\  Please copy/paste your list of items into https://​thebuyback.space/​ \\ Check the value of your items and note the result number at the top  \\ Set the given value as 'I will receive'​ in your contract \\ Enter the result number into the comment section of your contract ​ 
-</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-Brave Collective stations & citadels \\ 
-in Catch and Impass \\ 
-</​TEXT>​| Join the **The Buyback** in-game channel for more info, or contact \\  Avend Avalhar, Algorthan Gaterau. **Slack: #​the-buyback** | 
-| Dermon'​s Corpse Collection | Any Corpse 100,000 ISK in GE-8JV SOTA Factory \\ Contract to Dermon | GE-8JV SOTA FACTORY only | ¯\_(ツ)_/​¯ | 
-|<fc #​08FF00>​Blueprint Procurement Corporation</​fc>​| <​TEXT>​**Do you have faction BPCs that you would love to exchange for isk? Do those BPCs currently reside in GE-8JV or PZMA? I have the perfect service for you! [[https://​bpcbuyback.com/​]] The Blueprint Procurement Corporation is now accepting a wide variety of faction BPCs in both GE-8JV and PZMA.** \\ \\ Just follow these quick and easy steps: \\ \\ Step1. Use the link <fc #​7AF2E2>​[[https://​bpcbuyback.com/​]]</​fc>​ provided to receive your quote.\\ \\ Step 2. Create a contract to <fc #​08FF00>​Blueprint Procurement Corporation</​fc>​ at the quoted price, copy and paste the quote number into the contract description line. \\ \\ Step 3. Profit. </​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ 
-GE-8JV SOTA Factory and PZMA Keepstar</​TEXT>​|<​TEXT>​Any questions can be directed to the #​bpc-buyback slack channel. \\ \\ As we settle into the market, we plan on expanding our scope to include more BPCs, especially certain ones obtained via exploration. Check back for more.</​TEXT>​| 
-This list is rotated every month with https://​www.random.org/​lists/​. Last rotation was 17.12.2018 by Stuffers 
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