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-====== Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate ====== 
-<col md="​6">​ 
-===== What Does Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate Do? ===== 
-{{ https://​image.eveonline.com/​Corporation/​98177788_128.png?​128}} 
-The stars are like beacons of wealth, adventure and peril for those who aren'​t ​ 
-used to the neverending depths of the Universe. 
-Welcome the Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate,​ a corporation founded for exactly ​ 
-those things. 
-Read more about the corp on [[https://​www.threemoons.space/​]]. 
-==== Internal Resources ==== 
-  * Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate currently does not have any internal resources. 
-==== External Resources ==== 
-  * [[https:///​www.threemoons.space/​|Corp Website]] 
-  * [[https://​discord.gg/​cHjuTYp|YLTGR Discord]] 
-<col md="​6">​ 
-===== Who Leads Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate?​ ===== 
-^ Name ^ Position ^ Contact ^ 
-| [[user:​Stellan_Crendraven| Stellan Crendraven]] ​        | CEO         ​| ​  | 
-===== How Can I Join Yalaan-Timirgor Conglomerate?​ ===== 
-Use the in-game channel **YLTGR Public** to chat with current members and  
-members of the corp's leadership. 
-You can also join the Corp's Discord server at [[https://​discord.gg/​cHjuTYp]] ​ 
-and do the same.  
-If you desire to join YLTGR, please submit an application in-game to the  
-corporation and alongside register an account on  
-[[https://​www.threemoons.space/​account/​register/​|the corp website]], add the  
-characters you want to apply to YLTGR to your account using your EVE Online ​ 
-login credentials and fill the application form found under  
-[[https://​www.threemoons.space/​joining/​|Apply to join!]]. ​ 
-<button type="​primary">​[[https://​www.threemoons.space/​joining/​|Join YLTGR]]</​button>​ 
-<button type="​primary">​[[https://​discord.gg/​cHjuTYp|YLTGR Discord]]</​button>​ 
-Once your application has been submitted in game and on the website, a recruiter 
-will review it and likely try to schedule an interview on the Corp's discord ​ 
-with either voice or text. 
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