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-====== Legends Unbound ====== 
-<col md="6"> 
-===== What Does Legends Unbound Do? ===== 
-Legends Unbound (LEUB) was created by the streamer DocGotGame who played EVE for many years and wanted a way to introduce his followers to the game. He doesn’t play often, but remains our spiritual leader. 
-Our founding principal is that we are an casual corp where anyone can pursue what makes them happy in the game. From our founding, LEUB has primarily evolved into a PvP and Industry corp. Our pilots range from elite hunters/gankers to knowledgeable industrialists to social pilots.  Many have flown with hardcore, elite PVPers, waiting for prey to login for days/weeks. Others enjoy building ships for their fellow EVE players. We have never forgotten our humble origins and are still a casual corp. If a member wants elite PVP, we are there. If they want to mine, explore, do indy, we are accepting. Real-life is first and no one should have to choose between the game and work/school/spouse/children. LEUB is a family and we are here for each other first and the game second. We are a group of adults that support each other to maximize fun in the game. While many of our members have become disciplined PVPers and strategists, we had just as many players who wanted to log in once a week and talk to their EVE family, or just pretend to mine. 
-==== LEUB Pillars of Belief ==== 
-  - Don’t be a dick. 
-  - Help your family. 
-  - Be classy when you gank. 
-  - Pay tribute to our god Stains and kill often. 
-  - Whatever you enjoy doing…you’re in EVE and must protect the space and lifestyle we’ve built together. When a strat op goes up, you’re in game and can make it.. do. Don’t freeload off of other’s time and effort. The only force that keeps our space ours is military force. 
-  - Without LEUB, it’s gonna hurt (have a sense of humor) 
-==== External Resources ==== 
-  * [[|LEUB on eve-hr]] 
-  * [[|LEUB killboard]] 
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-===== Who Leads LEUB? ===== 
-^ Name ^ Position ^  
-| Joshua Claivan | CEO | 
-| Gwyndolin Mcgee | CEO | 
-| Xorman | COO | 
-| NxCrewRambo | Recruiter | 
-| tgjosh | Recruiter | 
-===== How Can I Join LEUB? ===== 
-Please note that we have a 10 million SP minimum. 
-Join our [[|Discord]] and have a chat with us to see if you like how we operate and what we do, after that apply on [[|eve-hr]]. 
-<button type="primary" size="lg">[[|LEUB Discord]]</button> 
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