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 ====== Legends Unbound ====== ====== Legends Unbound ======
-work in progress+<​grid>​ 
 +<col md="​6">​ 
 +===== What Does Legends Unbound Do? ===== 
 +{{ https://​i.imgur.com/​ErL2cGf.png?​150}} 
 +Legends Unbound (LEUB) was created by the streamer DocGotGame who played EVE for many years and wanted a way to introduce his followers to the game. He doesn’t play often, but remains our spiritual leader. 
 +Our founding principal is that we are an casual corp where anyone can pursue what makes them happy in the game. From our founding, LEUB has primarily evolved into a PvP and Industry corp. Our pilots range from elite hunters/​gankers to knowledgeable industrialists to social pilots. ​ Many have flown with hardcore, elite PVPers, waiting for prey to login for days/weeks. Others enjoy building ships for their fellow EVE players. We have never forgotten our humble origins and are still a casual corp. If a member wants elite PVP, we are there. If they want to mine, explore, do indy, we are accepting. Real-life is first and no one should have to choose between the game and work/​school/​spouse/​children. LEUB is a family and we are here for each other first and the game second. We are a group of adults that support each other to maximize fun in the game. While many of our members have become disciplined PVPers and strategists,​ we had just as many players who wanted to log in once a week and talk to their EVE family, or just pretend to mine. 
 +==== LEUB Pillars of Belief ==== 
 +  - Don’t be a dick. 
 +  - Help your family. 
 +  - Be classy when you gank. 
 +  - Pay tribute to our god Stains and kill often. 
 +  - Whatever you enjoy doing…you’re in EVE and must protect the space and lifestyle we’ve built together. When a strat op goes up, you’re ​in game and can make it.. do. Don’t freeload off of other’s time and effort. The only force that keeps our space ours is military force. 
 +  - Without LEUB, it’s gonna hurt (have a sense of humor) 
 +==== External Resources ==== 
 +  * [[http://​eve-hr.com/​leub|LEUB on eve-hr]] 
 +  * [[https://​zkillboard.com/​corporation/​98484011/​|LEUB killboard]] 
 +<col md="​6">​ 
 +===== Who Leads LEUB? ===== 
 +^ Name ^ Position ^  
 +| Ascorbic | CEO | 
 +| Xorman | COO | 
 +| Bryce | CFO | 
 +| Joshua Claivan | Military Director | 
 +| Warren Morris | Recruitment Director ​ (EU TZ / Early US TZ) | 
 +| Elyus Gray | Recruitment Director ​ (EU TZ) | 
 +===== How Can I Join LEUB? ===== 
 +Join our [[https://​discord.gg/​ymtu5qX|discord]] and apply on [[http://​eve-hr.com/​leub|eve-hr]]. Come on by to our discord and have a chat with us to see if you like how we operate and what we do.  
 +<button type="​primary"​ size="​lg">​[[https://​discord.gg/​ymtu5qX|LEUB Discord]]</​button>​ 
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