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<WRAP Justify Right> </WRAP> Incredible. was created as a way for High SP players to progress past what Brave Newbies Inc. could offer on its own. We share main comms and attend STRATOPs and fun fleets like the rest of Brave, but also offer exclusive fleets revolving around the more advanced aspects of PvP. In the future we also hope to offer more support roles in STRATOPs and other mainline fleets.

Internal Resources

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  • We don't currently have any internal resources, please check back later!


External Resources

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Name Position Contact
Cagali Cagali CEO @cagali (Slack) / Ingame
Yukiko Kami Director @yukiko_kami (Slack) / Ingame

We currently prefer players who have been a member of the Brave Collective for at least 6 months, but exceptions can and have been made.

We also require at least 3 of the following to be true:

  • You are able to fly our T2 Support Doctrines (T2 Logi, Recon Ships, etc.)
  • You are able to fly our "High SP" Mainline DPS Doctrines (Lokis and Maelstroms)
  • You have an active killboard, or participation in fleets if flying logi.
  • You have 20,000,000+ Skillpoints (Again, exceptions can and have been made)

If you meet those requirements, head on over to the Recruitment Website and send in your application!

If you don't meet those requirements but feel like you might still be good fit, send Yukiko Kami a message in game or on Slack.


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