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Fomol Grosstraktor [Internal Resources]
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 ==== Internal Resources ==== ==== Internal Resources ====
 <well> <well>
-  * We don't currently have any internal resources, please check back later!+  * [[member:corps:incredible:start|Incredible doctrines]]
 </well> </well>
 ==== External Resources ==== ==== External Resources ====
 <well> <well>
-  * [[|Corporation Website]]+  * [[ |Corporation Website]]
   * [[|Announcement Forum Page]]   * [[|Announcement Forum Page]]
   * [[|Corporation Announcement SOTA]]   * [[|Corporation Announcement SOTA]]
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 In game chat: **Incredible.** In game chat: **Incredible.**
-<button type="primary" size="lg">[[|Join Incredible.]]</button>+<button type="primary" size="lg">[[|Join Incredible.]]</button>
 </col> </col>
 </grid> </grid>