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 <​caption>​ <​caption>​
 <TEXT align="​center">​ <TEXT align="​center">​
-**[[member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​brave_universal_logi_ship_b.u.l.ship#​fits|Brave Universal Logi Ship (B.U.L.SHIP)]]**+**[[:member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​ships:​osprey|Brave Universal Logi Ship (B.U.L.SHIP)]]**
 The Osprey is a Caldari T1 Cruiser. ​ The Osprey is a Caldari T1 Cruiser. ​
-Ospreys are used within the Tripods, AB Moas, Candy 'Canes, CerbFleet, AlphaFleet, and Ferox Fleet Doctrines. ​+Ospreys are used within the Tripods, AB Moas, Candy '​Canes,​ AlphaFleet, and Ferox Fleet Doctrines. ​
 </​TEXT>​ </​TEXT>​
 </​caption>​ </​caption>​
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