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 <​accordion>​ <​accordion>​
-<panel type="​default"​ title="​Machariel Minimum"​ subtitle="​46 days, 23 hours, ​53 minutes">​+<panel type="​default"​ title="​Machariel Minimum"​ subtitle="​61 days, 15 hours, ​minutes, 30 seconds">
 <btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://​1drv.ms/​u/​s!Ahqsj3YZM6wniZcPywjHPEneB2ojIQ?​e=cZVG2C|Machariel Minimum EveMon File]] </​btn>​ <btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://​1drv.ms/​u/​s!Ahqsj3YZM6wniZcPywjHPEneB2ojIQ?​e=cZVG2C|Machariel Minimum EveMon File]] </​btn>​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Sentry Drone Interfacing ​IV +Weapon Disruption III 
-Drone Avionics ​+Weapon Disruption ​IV 
-Medium Projectile Turret ​+Armor Layering IV 
-Medium Projectile Turret ​II +Explosive Armor Compensation IV 
-Medium Projectile Turret ​III +Kinetic Armor Compensation IV 
-Large Projectile Turret ​+Thermal Armor Compensation IV 
-Large Projectile Turret ​II +Fuel Conservation ​
-Large Projectile Turret ​III +Afterburner V 
-Large Projectile Turret ​IV+Minmatar Cruiser I 
 +Minmatar Cruiser II 
 +Minmatar Cruiser III 
 +Minmatar Battlecruiser ​
 +Minmatar Battlecruiser ​II 
 +Minmatar Battlecruiser ​III 
 +Minmatar Battleship ​
 +Minmatar Battleship ​II 
 +Minmatar Battleship ​III 
 +Minmatar Battleship ​IV
 Gallente Destroyer I Gallente Destroyer I
 Gallente Destroyer II Gallente Destroyer II
Line 54: Line 63:
 Gallente Battleship III Gallente Battleship III
 Gallente Battleship IV Gallente Battleship IV
-Minmatar Cruiser ​+Medium Projectile Turret ​
-Minmatar Cruiser ​II +Medium Projectile Turret ​II 
-Minmatar Cruiser ​III +Medium Projectile Turret ​III 
-Minmatar Battlecruiser ​+Large Projectile Turret ​
-Minmatar Battlecruiser ​II +Large Projectile Turret ​II 
-Minmatar Battlecruiser ​III +Large Projectile Turret ​III 
-Minmatar Battleship I +Large Projectile Turret ​IV 
-Minmatar Battleship II +Drone Avionics V 
-Minmatar Battleship III +Sentry Drone Interfacing ​IV
-Minmatar Battleship ​IV +
-Thermal Armor Compensation IV +
-Kinetic Armor Compensation IV +
-Explosive Armor Compensation IV +
-Armor Layering IV +
-Weapon Disruption III +
-Weapon Disruption ​IV+
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 </​accordion><​accordion>​ </​accordion><​accordion>​
-<panel type="​default"​ title="​Machariel Recommended"​ subtitle="​271 days, 18 hours, ​13 minutes, ​seconds">​+<panel type="​default"​ title="​Machariel Recommended"​ subtitle="​315 days, 15 hours, ​56 minutes, ​34 seconds">​
 <btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://​1drv.ms/​u/​s!Ahqsj3YZM6wniZcOo5oVnE8z_wDsLg?​e=qb7WAp|Machariel Recommended EveMon File]] </​btn>​ <btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://​1drv.ms/​u/​s!Ahqsj3YZM6wniZcOo5oVnE8z_wDsLg?​e=qb7WAp|Machariel Recommended EveMon File]] </​btn>​
Line 91: Line 93:
 Thermal Armor Compensation IV Thermal Armor Compensation IV
 Thermal Armor Compensation V Thermal Armor Compensation V
 +Afterburner V
 +Fuel Conservation V
 Minmatar Cruiser I Minmatar Cruiser I
 Minmatar Cruiser II Minmatar Cruiser II
Line 127: Line 131:
 Trajectory Analysis V Trajectory Analysis V
 Surgical Strike V Surgical Strike V
 +Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
 Drone Avionics V Drone Avionics V
 Sentry Drone Interfacing IV Sentry Drone Interfacing IV
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