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 ====== Cormorant Skillplans ====== ====== Cormorant Skillplans ======
-<​col ​sm="​6">​+<​grid>​ 
 +<​col ​md="​6">​
 <​thumbnail>​ <​thumbnail>​
-{{ https://imageserver.eveonline.com/Render/16238_128.png }}+<image shape="​rounded">​ 
 +{{ https://images.evetech.net/types/16238/​render?​size=128&​.png?​100px ​}} 
 <​caption>​ <​caption>​
 <TEXT align="​center">​ <TEXT align="​center">​
 The Cormorant is a Caldari T1 Destroyer. ​ The Cormorant is a Caldari T1 Destroyer. ​
 +Cormorants star in our Longbows doctrine, acting as long ranged glass cannons that can be surprisingly effective at picking off hostile ships. ​
 </​TEXT>​ </​TEXT>​
 </​caption>​ </​caption>​
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 </​col>​ </​col>​
-<​col ​sm="​6">​+<​col ​md="​6">​ 
 +<callout type="​primary"​ title="​Skillplan Core Requirement">​ 
 +**To begin training, you must have up to and including the [[/​public/​alliance/​military/​skillplans/#​newbies|Two Week Starter Plan]] completed.** 
 <​accordion>​ <​accordion>​
-<panel type="​default"​ title="​Cormorant Minimum"​ subtitle="​Total time: 12 days, 12 hours, ​53 minutes, ​44 seconds">​ +<panel type="​default"​ title="​Cormorant Minimum"​ subtitle="​days, 20 hours, ​minutes, ​26 seconds">​ 
-Completing this plan will provide T2 hybrids (and access to Spike S). This enables you to use the [[:​member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​longbows#​fits|Longbows Newbie]] Cormorant. +<btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahqsj3YZM6wniYd1gwiy-STv8nYh4g?e=ti1CkI|Cormorant Minimum EveMon File]] </​btn>​
-<btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://drive.google.com/​file/​d/0B881ZZ3H6nOUMF8wNXFUOURDSGc/view?usp=sharing|Cormorant Minimum EveMon File]] </​btn>​+
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Caldari Frigate I 
-Caldari Frigate II 
-Caldari Frigate III 
 Caldari Destroyer I Caldari Destroyer I
 Caldari Destroyer II Caldari Destroyer II
 Caldari Destroyer III Caldari Destroyer III
-Small Hybrid Turret I 
-Small Hybrid Turret II 
-Small Hybrid Turret III 
 Small Hybrid Turret IV Small Hybrid Turret IV
 Small Hybrid Turret V Small Hybrid Turret V
 +Sharpshooter III
 Small Railgun Specialization I Small Railgun Specialization I
 Sharpshooter IV Sharpshooter IV
-Motion Prediction III 
-Surgical Strike II 
 Surgical Strike III Surgical Strike III
-Trajectory Analysis II 
 Trajectory Analysis III Trajectory Analysis III
-Signature Analysis II 
-Signature Analysis III 
 Controlled Bursts III Controlled Bursts III
-Caldari Destroyer IV 
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 </​panel>​ </​panel>​
-<panel type="​default"​ title="​Cormorant Recommended"​ subtitle="​Total time: 59 days, 15 hours, 36 minutes, 34 seconds"​> +</accordion><accordion>
-<btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://​drive.google.com/​file/​d/​0B881ZZ3H6nOUYm5VRHZPQVZSWkU/​view?​usp=sharing|Cormorant Recommended EveMon File]] </btn> +
-The optimal plan starts off by giving you the support and fitting skills to fly the [[:​member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​longbows#​fits|Longbows Intermediate]] fit. After you have completed training ''​Hybrid Weapon Rigging''​ to 3, you should be able to fly the Intermediate fit and have range similar to the rest of the fleet.+
-After thisyou continue training gunnery support skills to increase your DPSthen train ''​Advanced Weapon Upgrades''​ to 4 in order to fly the [[:member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​longbows#​fits|Longbows Optimal]] fit.+<panel type="​default"​ title="​Cormorant Recommended"​ subtitle="​60 days3 hours6 minutes, 50 seconds">​ 
 +<btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true"> ​[[https://​1drv.ms/​u/​s!Ahqsj3YZM6wniYd0F_KPOTqsWpGzqQ?​e=7rpQdS|Cormorant Recommended EveMon File]] </​btn>​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Caldari Frigate I +Long Range Targeting ​III 
-Caldari Frigate II +Long Range Targeting ​IV
-Caldari Frigate ​III +
-Caldari Destroyer I +
-Caldari Destroyer II +
-Caldari Destroyer III +
-Small Hybrid Turret I +
-Small Hybrid Turret II +
-Small Hybrid Turret III +
-Small Hybrid Turret ​IV +
-Small Hybrid Turret V +
-Small Railgun Specialization I +
-Sharpshooter IV +
-Motion Prediction III +
-Surgical Strike II +
-Surgical Strike III +
-Trajectory Analysis II +
-Trajectory Analysis III +
-Controlled Bursts III +
-Signature Analysis II +
-Signature Analysis III +
-Caldari Destroyer IV +
-Weapon Upgrades III+
 CPU Management V CPU Management V
 Power Grid Management V Power Grid Management V
-Mechanics III 
 Jury Rigging I Jury Rigging I
 Jury Rigging II Jury Rigging II
Line 87: Line 63:
 Hybrid Weapon Rigging II Hybrid Weapon Rigging II
 Hybrid Weapon Rigging III Hybrid Weapon Rigging III
-Small Railgun Specialization II 
-Small Railgun Specialization III 
-Energy Grid Upgrades II 
-Long Range Targeting II 
-Long Range Targeting III 
-Long Range Targeting IV 
-Target Management III 
-Warp Drive Operation II 
-Warp Drive Operation III 
 Signature Analysis IV Signature Analysis IV
 Capacitor Management IV Capacitor Management IV
-Capacitor Systems Operation ​IV+Caldari Destroyer I 
 +Caldari Destroyer II 
 +Caldari Destroyer III 
 +Caldari Destroyer IV 
 +Weapon Upgrades V 
 +Small Hybrid Turret IV 
 +Small Hybrid Turret V 
 +Sharpshooter III 
 +Sharpshooter ​IV
 Motion Prediction IV Motion Prediction IV
 +Rapid Firing III
 Rapid Firing IV Rapid Firing IV
 +Surgical Strike III
 Surgical Strike IV Surgical Strike IV
 +Controlled Bursts III
 Controlled Bursts IV Controlled Bursts IV
 +Trajectory Analysis III
 Trajectory Analysis IV Trajectory Analysis IV
 +Small Railgun Specialization I
 +Small Railgun Specialization II
 +Small Railgun Specialization III
 Small Railgun Specialization IV Small Railgun Specialization IV
-Thermodynamics II 
-Thermodynamics III 
-Weapon Upgrades IV 
-Weapon Upgrades V 
 Advanced Weapon Upgrades I Advanced Weapon Upgrades I
 Advanced Weapon Upgrades II Advanced Weapon Upgrades II
 Advanced Weapon Upgrades III Advanced Weapon Upgrades III
 +Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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