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 <col sm="​6">​ <col sm="​6">​
 <​accordion>​ <​accordion>​
-<panel type="​default"​ title="​Jackdaw Minimum"​ subtitle="">​+<panel type="​default"​ title="​Jackdaw Minimum" subtitle="​Total time: 65 days, 10 hours, 23 minutes, 28 seconds">​ 
 +Caldari Frigate I 
 +Caldari Frigate II 
 +Caldari Frigate III 
 +Caldari Destroyer I 
 +Caldari Destroyer II 
 +Caldari Destroyer III 
 +Caldari Destroyer IV 
 +Caldari Destroyer V 
 +Caldari Tactical Destroyer I 
 +Caldari Tactical Destroyer II 
 +Caldari Tactical Destroyer III 
 +CPU Management V 
 +Power Grid Management V 
 +Energy Grid Upgrades II 
 +Energy Grid Upgrades III 
 +Energy Grid Upgrades IV 
 +Thermodynamics II 
 +Thermodynamics III 
 +Weapon Upgrades III 
 +Weapon Upgrades IV 
 +Advanced Weapon Upgrades I 
 +Advanced Weapon Upgrades II 
 +Advanced Weapon Upgrades III 
 +Shield Operation I 
 +Shield Operation II 
 +Shield Operation III 
 +Shield Operation IV 
 +EM Shield Compensation I 
 +EM Shield Compensation II 
 +EM Shield Compensation III 
 +Shield Management II 
 +Shield Management III 
 +Shield Upgrades II 
 +Shield Upgrades III 
 +Shield Upgrades IV 
 +Tactical Shield Manipulation II 
 +Tactical Shield Manipulation III 
 +Long Range Targeting II 
 +Long Range Targeting III 
 +Signature Analysis II 
 +Signature Analysis III 
 +Target Management III 
 +Defender Missiles I 
 +Missile Launcher Operation II 
 +Light Missiles I 
 +Light Missiles II 
 +Light Missiles III 
 +Light Missiles IV 
 +Light Missiles V 
 +Light Missile Specialization I 
 +Light Missile Specialization II 
 +Light Missile Specialization III 
 +Missile Launcher Operation III 
 +Missile Launcher Operation IV 
 +Missile Launcher Operation V 
 +Missile Projection I 
 +Missile Projection II 
 +Missile Projection III 
 +Rapid Launch I 
 +Rapid Launch II 
 +Rapid Launch III 
 +Missile Bombardment I 
 +Missile Bombardment II 
 +Missile Bombardment III 
 +Guided Missile Precision I 
 +Guided Missile Precision II 
 +Guided Missile Precision III 
 +Target Navigation Prediction I 
 +Target Navigation Prediction II 
 +Target Navigation Prediction III 
 +Warhead Upgrades I 
 +Warhead Upgrades II 
 +Warhead Upgrades III 
 +Weapon Upgrades V 
 +<panel type="​default"​ title="​Jackdaw Recommended" subtitle="">​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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